Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Night time

I have been back to keeping 'vampire' hours again these last few days. It’s a shame in a way as I had had nearly two weeks of a normall-ish sleep pattern. I suppose one way I can conquer this is to make myself go to bed sometime tonight around 2 or 3 am and try and get a few hours sleep and make myself wake up at a reasonable hour by setting the alarm. This will be a lot quicker than the old - go to bed 1 or 2 hours later each day for a week or more until you end up going to bed at a normal time.

I like the nigttime better than the daytime though. Its a lot quieter when your at home and can be a lot more exciting when your out. It can also be a scary time at times but also it can make you feel superior in some ways to all of those 'normal people' who only inhabit the earth by day. Well maybe not superior that’s a crap word - what I mean is that these normal daytime people miss out on a world only known to us nighttime people. Things look different in the dark. I don’t know if anybody else fells like this but I often find you get a different perspective on the places you know well in the nighttime. If you walk down your own street where you live at 3am in the morning you will see what I mean. What is familiar ground during the day becomes a whole new place at night. For me sometimes it feels a bit scary, sometimes it feels safer. I sometimes go for walks at around 5 or 6 am in the wintertime when it’s still dark. For me it feels safe to go out at this time. Even though its just as dark at say 11pm at this time of year it feels a lot safer to wait until at least 4 or 5 am to go out.

If I had the choice I would be nocturnal most of the time. We are now said to be living in a 24-hour society and yet it’s not possible for most people to live a normal life and be awake during the night. Yes there are people who work at night and clubs are open well into the morning these days but what else is apart from the some supermarkets that are open for business 24/7? In most places getting about during the might time is impossible unless you walk or have your own car. Shops are shut and not even those all night nightclubs can sell you booze after 2am or something silly like that. We don’t live in a 24-hour society at all. And to be honest, that’s the way I like it (I think!) If everything started to be open around the clock it would spoil the feel of nighttimes that is so special and different. Its not all just about it being dark, for me its a lot more to do with the feeling of being part of something most people are not, a sort of nocturnal, insomniacs club if you wish lol

The daytime has its advantages - you cannot get a tan at 2am! No correction you can get a tan anytime with sun beds. Oh well it looks like there are no advantages to the day after all (yes shut up I know there must be others I just cannot think of any now lol) Oh just thought of one - you can at least buy a pint of milk during the day - try popping out for a pint a milk where I live at 3.45am - oh no hang on a minuet - you can get milk at that time you just need to knick it off someone’s doorstep after the milkman’s gone (don’t do that please its naughty!) Look I am trying really hard to find advantages to the daytime but I just cannot find that many! No it’s settled then, for me the nighttime is the best time!

Hmmm I have talked a lot of rubbish here today (or should I say tonight) so I will leave you with this thought...

"I wonder if I have any cheese left in the fridge, I could murder a cheese sandwich"


Thursday, December 09, 2004

hello - they did not have the url i wanted for this so i thought blog-snot-dot-com sounded funny for some reason so chose that!

Anyway i will just talk shite for a bit...

oh my emotions and feelings are all other the place today as they have been for teh last 2 weeks - one minet i am sad, the next hyper, the next relaxed the next horny etc etc

hmm why dont i talk about what has happend today...

beacuse its boring thats why!

hmm i dont really know what to say i feel shy! think i will go and cook dinner!